Feeding Your Addiction

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Posted: 02/15/2017
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Category: Female Domination
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Mindfuck , Financial Domination , Femdom POV , Cock Tease , Ass Worship

Paying has become your obsession, it's become your life, it started out as just a little look online, a little perv online, you stumbled across my bottom, downloaded one of my videos and it just got you hooked. Once a week became, twice a week, 3 times a week and before you know it you were logging on online all the time to see what videos I've uploaded to try and satisfy those cravings of yours, that need to see me, that need to worship me, that feeling it gives you when you pay me. Your arse obsession is now uncontrollable. Now you're here every spare minute,watching & waiting for my new clips to appear. It's the only thing that gets you off now. My body, my bum, my feet, the sound of my voice, my beautiful face. You just can't resist paying to download  my clips because it feels so good & you know it pleases me when you pay me. All I have to do is just wiggle my toes or flash my bottom & you're hooked.  Your mind just wanders off into that sub space fantasy. The sheer act of typing in your credit card details, downloading my videos turns you on, submitting to me is your life now. It's so addictive. You like to be teased & tormented. It makes you feel so good. You can't go a day without it. I just keep feeding your addiction. I know how to use my powerful body, I know how to suck you in & weaken you & I know you can't resist me. I just keep making you weaker & weaker & harder & harder. And when you've finished watching this video you'll just want the next one - it's never enough.