Farmboy's Milking, Watery Eyes, Sounding & Catheter -- Part 2 of 2 -- Sounding & Cath

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Posted: 07/04/2016
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Farm Boy David is back for another video, this boy has amazing blue eyes ( you will see those baby blue in the video). First I started milking him relentlessly. You can hear my hand moving up and down on his hard shift. Eight times I have bring him to the edge of the cumming and 8 times I stopped right before he was about to cum. One thing I have noticed from previous video shoot was that this boy is able to produce a large amount of cum, in addition his cum is extremely white creamy and thick. At beginning I planned to use a glass to capture his cum and show the audience how much he is able to cum. Then the greedy part of me took over right before this farm boy's cum shot… I captured every last drop of his creamy white cum in my hand and had wonderful gastronomic experiences. (END OF PART 1 of 2) Next comes the sounding and catheterization on his extremely sensitive post-cum cock and urethra. As large sounding rod going deeper into this urethra you will see his eyes begin to watery up and his hand started rubbing his eyes. I have to say it is amazing sight to see, up and close, when those amazing baby blue eyes tearing up. I almost stopped, but I didn't… finally I catheterized him and collected his urine in the large collection bag you will see it at end of the video. (also i fucked him few times with the catheter as I push in and out few times for my enjoyment). (THE END PART OF 2 of 2)