Miss Kelle Martina

Faithless Fuck

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Posted: 06/14/2018
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POV , Humiliation , Femdom POV , Erotica

You and I are getting hot and heavy at your place when I discover you’re a Christian and you’ve never had sex before. Once I start teasing you with my curvy body, there’s nothing a virgin like you can do to resist me. So, once you tell me that you’ll do anything to fuck me, /I make you put your hand on the Bible and swear it. Swear on the Bible that you’ll do anything to fuck me. And, as I’m hovering over your cock, ready to engulf your virgin cock in my sweet, sinful pussy, I tell you that you have to renounce God and Jesus as your savior. I make you say it over and over again as I ride you to climax. Unfortunately, it only lasts a few minutes with a virgin and I get off of you, disgusted.

I might call you later, Jesus freak.