Lyne Financial Dominatrix

fairboi's humiliating interactive custom

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Clip length: 00:10:39
Posted: 07/17/2015
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Category: Humiliation

Fairyboi has been serving Me for quite a few years now, hes actually at the top of My stable. fairyboi cant handle even imagining his life without Me. he knows he would have absolutely NOTHING to live for if it wasnt for Me. hes My little sissy bitch who wears tampons, diapers, womens panties, etc. Listen as I detail his relationship with Me.. humiliating him for all his shortcomings in life (the list is EXTENSIVE). It feels good to be My little sissy bitch, doesnt it fairyboi? Now lets get a little interactive in this clip follow along with all My demands and once again you will feel that shameful pride that you so LONG to feel!<br><br>Topics include: small penis humiliation, femdom POV, financial domination, humiliation, toilet play, cuckolding, and more.