Miss Kelle Martina

Fagboy Training

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Posted: 12/15/2017
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Welcome to fagboy training, week 1. As I explain the intensive fagboy training you will be put through for the next 6 weeks you are listening in fear as I describe each week and how I will be putting you through trials. First, you’ll be made to watch gay porn for 8 hours a day. Then, aversion therapy the next week where you will be shocked every time you watch straight porn or see a pussy. You will be weaned off pussy and right on to cock because the next week you will be sucking. Sucking 5 cocks a day and taking all their loads. Don’t worry – there’s more. It gets much worse from there. So, I’m so glad that you’ve decided to enter fagboy training. Oh, you didn’t decide? You mean you were dragged here? That’s too bad.

No one gets to leave.