House of Meltz

Facesitting for pussies

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Posted: 07/13/2014
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Mistress Meltz immensely enjoys facesitting. So when she tells someone that she's ready to have a session with them she goes all in. Mistress ties his hands up and pounces on his face, Immediately this pussy starts to yell and flare his arms like a scared lil bitch. Mistress laughs and him, taunts him and informs him that hes obviously breathing because he's hollering like a lil girl but continues to sit on his face. He continues to whine and plead. Once Mistress finally gets up he tells her about his pains and whines as if she gives fuck. Mistress laughs and schools this wanna be facesittee on the does and donts.This is a what not to do humiliation video for all you pussies who have ever thought about letting a BBW Domme sit on you fuckin pussy ass face.