Extreme Mental And Emotional Abuse

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Posted: 10/09/2018
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Category: Femdom POV
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Mindfuck , Goddess Worship , Brat Girls

Goddess Alexandra Snow

Here at HumiliationPOV we make our members clip ideas for free! This is a member submitted idea that Goddess Snow carries out to perfection!

This might be an extreme mental/emotional abusive clip. I think there are not a lot of clips for more mental/emotional abuse , kind of pushing a sub into depression, sadness, and crying while repeating certain self-depressive mantras. Such clips can really make me feel why not give up everything for a Goddess, and makes me really obedient at least once watching.. 

It can be a mean Goddess, sitting on a throne/chair with crossed legs most of times and heels and a lot of middle finger times. Also to add the loser element, you can mention in the beginning that the sub can only touch himself when he has loser sign with other hand on forehead AND only when he has tears.

Now with this goal (pushing someone into feeling really sadder and lonely), there can be different ideas, like repeating sentences.He has to repeat some self-depressing emotionally abusive mantras after you.

Such as:

I am a lonely loser and must will live and d.!.e.. alone.

I must always hate myself and love and d.!.e.. for Goddess.

I am $.h.!.t.., $.h.!.t.. must hate itself and is meant to be flushed away. 

I must d.!.e.. in a way that Goddess is most entertained. 

You can say also that when ou snap a finger, the sub must cry on order and MUST have tears while repeating, since he only deserves sadness while You only deserve happiness and luxury.