Extortion Flop

Price: $15.00
Clip length: 00:12:17
Posted: 05/24/2016
File size: 444.21 MB
Category: BDSM

Starring Brooke Bliss and Rock


Brooke goes in to talk to her boss about a possible raise, but has no luck. Rock isn’t very interested in giving her a raise, and when she tries to blackmail him, he takes her by the throat and chokes her against the wall. After she passes out on the desk, Rock tries to wake her up. 


Seeing as she won’t wake up, Rock decides to have a little fun with her before he ends his work day.


He started taking her clothes off, sliding her skirt off, and propping her up to unbutton her blouse. He slowly takes off her bra and fondles her breasts, and lays her down and removes her panties. 


He places her in the office chair fondling her breasts some more and flopping her limbs about. He leaves her there with a note notifying her of her termination, and hopes for a less prude secretary in the future. 


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