Devious Queen

Explode to My legs and heels.

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Posted: 10/21/2016
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High Heels

Custom clip request:" You come into the room for a business meeting carrying two pairs of heels and sit down on the long couch.You are first wearing black thigh high stockings.First pair of heels is the classic black Louboutins from and the second pair is the black/silver pumps from "Torturous Boss Mistress". I wonder why this meeting is in private and why you brought heels with you and you say the last meeting we had you caught me "rock hard and about to explode" staring at you because you had bare legs in high heels. You suspect I have a fetish but I deny it. You decided to teach me a lesson and toy with me by making me masturbate and cum to your bare legs in heels on your command and if I don't do exactly what you say or cum early you will tell everyone about my fetish.You say you're going to "make me explode over your legs and shoes" and also tell me I can't touch until you take off your stockings and put on heels. You take off your stockings and put on your first pair of heels as your legs are laid across the couch or in the air. You tell me that I'm "rock hard" and command me to start pumping as you tease me with your bare legs in heels. Have lots of hand motions and have your legs across the couch and in the air and move to different positions around the couch but always I want to see both your legs and shoes. Maybe get up once or twice to walk towards the camera and have a few close ups of your face. Keep reminding me I can't cum until you say I can and be forceful when you tell me to stroke - keep saying you know I'm about to explode and say things like "don't you dare think about cumming".Half way through change into the second pair (on camera) and say this is the pair I will explode to. Tease me again with your legs and heels and keep reminding me I would be in trouble if I dare explode. Also in the last 3 minutes or so in the clip can you change back to these "Project Eve" heels and give me the countdown to those? Say that you know I get hardest to these black ones and that you're going to make me cum hard to them. Finally give me a countdown to cum over legs and heels as you are laid across the couch with your legs and heels across the screen/in the air. "..

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