Lady Dee

Expensive Denim Bitch Worship

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Posted: 11/19/2017
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Category: Jeans
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Masturbation Instruction , High Heels , Financial Domination , Femdom POV

It's so easy to take your fetish and control you with it. I know your dick is rock hard staring at my expensive Hudson jeans. You know you'd much rather see me in expensive designer denim. Expensive jeans look good on me, makes your dick twitch! You know the hottest thing is that I don't even pay for my own designer jeans. I make weak boys like you pay for my expensive jeans, and that's how it should be. You want to see me in more expensive jeans. It turns you on seeing your money on me, teasing you with the expensive jeans that you bought. That is why you need to buy me more jeans, denim addicts! You want to see more of me in sexy denim? Buy me more expensive jeans so that I can continue to control you. So I can keep feeding that denim fetish you have. It's so hot seeing a sexy dominant women teasing you and controlling you. You love it... you want to be my denim bitch and keep buying me more denim to control you with. Down below me is right where you belong, worshiping me in my sexy denim jeans! You love being my weak denim bitch! Worship and stroke to my sexy denim jeans!

Clip Contains: jean fetish, denim jeans, designer denim, jerk off instruction, masturbation encouragement, joi, cum on command, high heels, goddess worship, financial domination, femdom pov