Kayla Jane Danger

Ew. you need chastity!

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Posted: 07/30/2017
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Category: Chastity
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Tease & Denial , Humiliation , Goddess Worship , Femdom POV , Female Domination

You disgust Me, really you do. You are loathsome, whether fat, old, shrimp dicked, broke, a lousy lay or a total loser … there is inherently something wrong with you because you are male, but you in particular are especially undeserving of orgasms, or watching me with lust in your eyes. You don’t do anything to deserve special attention so why should you be allowed to cum? I think you should be locked up, only allowed to get hard when I let you, only allowed to jerk off or cum on my command. I would keep you locked away until you know your place, and know that you would never stray!

Goddess Kayla Jane Danger