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Evil Poison Ivy CONTROLS Robin

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Posted: 06/03/2017
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Big Tits , Comic Book Role Play , Costumes , Female Domination

She's back, the infamous POISON IVY. After leaving the party where Mr Frost has taken her prized jewel, both Batman and Robin set out to find him while still consumed with her pheromone love dust. Poison has other plans for the pair and hatches a trap, where she lures the Bat to Mr Frost and leaves Robin on the hunt for.....her leaves of seduction. Robin has taken the bait and now thinks he's "caught" the devious Poison Ivy after tracking her down. She's even more sexier up close, and finds he not only fell DEEP into her SPELL of CONTROL over him, he's also unable to move with a quick kiss of her POISON red lips, trapped, drawn in, horny and willing to anything for the devious lady in front of him. Engulfed in her SEDUCTION, he surrenders and forgets all about his mission, instead all he can think about is HER. She leads him DEEP down into a mindless HYPN0TIC breast tease, giving up all will.