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Posted: 11/01/2017
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Category: Blackmail Fantasy
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Humiliation , Femdom POV

0-3 min: Starts with you on your bed and looking pissed. Then you tell me how deep I am into this with you. That you have not forgotten anything and including the one thing I have yet to place in your hands. Then you explain to me in a sexy manner that although your pissed you have no worries as you currently hold enough evidence you can put me away now if you choose. But you have a better idea. You’ll share in a bit.

3-6 min: Explain to me what that this is totally real, that I should be scared shit less your intentions are to see this through. Explain that you are a call away from ending this. Tell me that although this all has the appearance of a purchase video you need all this and chats to keep the appearances in tune with your plan to turn the evidence and my statements online into the cops. That I know what I did and accuse me of it several times. Tell me it has taken you years to recover and your ready weather I am or not. (improvise but be to the point and make me feel your dead serious)

6-10 min: Pick up your phone and show me (if possible) that you have called the cops already to inquire about this. or something. Now you tell me what you expect and that if I disappear again or don't do as told your reporting me!!! You’re serious as hell…Now you tell me that you want the following me to send you.

If possible on a date and time you provide I am to call a number you provide and in voice mail admit to what I did as I call you to say I am sorry. That you want me to send you an email and admit it again. Not from the email I normally send you but one with my real name. Last you want me to schedule a chat with you after I have done the above and during that chat you want me to admit it again on chat and then at our command I am to be ready to send you the electronic copy of my signed confession. Which I do in that chat for you to have. To end the vid you tell me once you have all of the above you will also tell me in chat that you will release the second video and I am to follow those instructions.

Hardcore blackmail fantasy…or is it?