Goddess Saffron

Eternal Foot Slave

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Clip length: 00:19:27
Posted: 05/20/2017
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Category: Pedicures / Toenails
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Masturbation Instruction , Toes , Foot Humiliation , Femdom POV , Foot/Shoe Fetish

My gorgeous feet seduced you the first time you watched "My Feet own you", "My Feet, your obsession" or in "Hypnosub - Sole Seduction". This clip is filmed in the perfect POV foot worship video, with good clear sight of My bedazzling Soles. Today I am going to seduce and mesmerize you as the Goddess, Seductress, Mistress and Super Heroine that I am. I am going to mesmerizingly torment you with My elegant high heels and perfect soles. Watch in stupor as I circle My feet in front of your nose, letting you inhale My intoxicating foot aroma as I capture your mind with My seducing voice and bewitching words. Yes My pet, I am going to make you My hopelessly addicted foot slave. I am going to increase your foot fetish and humilate you by implanting the irresistable need to smell, suck, lick My Feet and serve Me like a good slave. As I coax you closer with My sensual finger, I implant powerful trigger words deep into your submissive mind. With every finger snap, you fall deeper down into My foot addiction spell. With every sniff of My soles, you become bound to Me as an eternal foot slave. During the session you will lose all clothes and kneel naked, mesmerized with a raging boner. you will stare at My feet and soles whilst repeating My suggestions. you will chant out loud "I am an eternal slave to Goddess Saffron" while wanking your cock, waiting for My command to pay, then release. CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF: FOOT WORSHIP, FOOT FETISH, FEMDOM POV, POV, GODDESS WORSHIP, FEMDOM, FINDOM, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, MESMERIZE, MENTAL DOMINATION, MIND FUCK, HIGH HEELS, LYCRA, SPANDEX, LEGS.