Ceara Lynch

Escort Robbery Blackmail

Price: $14.99
Clip length: 00:07:19
Posted: 08/23/2018
File size: 532.89 MB
Category: Blackmail Fantasy

I meet lots of first-timers as an escort. Don’t worry, we are very discrete so you have nothing to worry about. Relax and let’s explore your fantasies. That’s why I’m here, right? I have plenty of experience in doing things your wife can’t. Don’t be ashamed about your kinky thoughts of being controlled by a powerful woman, punished and manipulated to do all sorts of humiliating tasks. It’s time to make dreams of submitting a reality. Once I handcuff you to a chair and put a ballgag in your mouth, all you can do is watch as I tease you. Since you’re all tied up, I can do whatever I want, like touch your cock… or grab your wallet. Your eyes fill with fear as you watch me rummage through your personal information. More important is all the cash I found! You must be loaded if you’re walking around with this much money. Looks like you’re going to get exactly what you deserve when you hire an escort behind your wife’s back. A woman you can secretly pay large sums of money or else I ruin your entire life and spill all your kinky secrets. And, don’t even think about coming after me because now I know where you live…

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