Ceara Lynch

Erotic Misandry

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Posted: 02/19/2019
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Category: Female Domination

Men are the worse thing to ever exist. You are weak and an embarrassment to humanity. Sure you might be physically strong, but women hold the REAL power in this world. The pussy. Men are desperate for it. You might think you’re in charge because some loser idiot man told you that a penis is a symbol of power. He couldn’t be more wrong! That’s what makes you so pathetic, that silly worm hanging between your legs is the only brain you have. Frankly, all men are trash. I believe they should be locked in chains, slaves to women who hold the key to their freedom. You’re scum, a vile waste of life unworthy of being in my presence. Why couldn’t all boys have been eliminated at birth? Admit it, you’re practically worthless and only good at fucking things up. You’d think being insulted so much would make men change, but that’s just how stupid they are. You love being called names! Nothing makes you hornier than a woman that’s right. Putting you in place and demonstrating men are the inferior sex.