Kelle Martina

Enchanted Kiss

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Clip length: 00:06:58
Posted: 07/14/2018
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Category: Magic
Secondary categories:
Kissing , Lipstick , Femdom POV , Orgasm Control

There's a pretty girl you work with but you haven't paid much attention to her. She's been following you around for months now and she keeps asking you to be her boyfriend. You already have a girlfriend so you keep blowing her off but one day she corners you. Of course the weird girl is into weird stuff.

She says that she is a witch and you laugh at her. But she teases you and says that one kiss can make you fall in love with her using her enchanted lipstick. And now, come to think of it, her lips DO look beautiful and alluring. You can't really think of anything else except how pretty her lips look and how much you want to give her a big wet kiss.

But once you do, you realize that she is the ONLY woman in the world. The only woman you'll ever care about and ever love. You will follow her to the ends of the the earth. Even as she explains that she never loved you and only wanted you for her slave, you don't care and all you want to do is follow her forever.

A bait-and-switch with enchanted kiss.

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