Ceara Lynch

Electro Sissy Begs to Cum

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Clip length: 00:10:11
Posted: 10/16/2018
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Category: Electric Play

It’s my sissy slaves lucky day! I’ve brought you into my dungeon for some fun torment. We will start with some pop-pers to loosen you up. Sniff that sissy juice so we can train you to be an obedient sissy slut. You’ve been locked in chastity for weeks and just a whiff of those noxious fumes almost made you squirt your load. Well, if you want me to let you cum, then you’ll have to beg. I’m not going to be easy to convince. We have a lot of training today to make you the ideal bimbo sissy slut. If you even look like you’re getting aroused from your sissy training, then I’ll do something that’ll really make you beg. Let’s just say you’ll be “shocked” by how much you love your training sessions.

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