Kayla Jane Danger

Effortless Lesbian Seduction part 1

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Posted: 09/13/2017
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Category: Foot Worship
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Lingerie , Eye Glasses , Lesbian , Brunette , Lesbian Domination

At "The Doll House" Sophia is getting used to her place in the scheme of things, and her position in the hierarchy of the house... which is way at the bottom. Jenna, one of Mistress Kayla Jane's top pets is out to provoke the exotic Sophia Jade. As Sophia reads Jenna slides closer and closer on the couch, then slips her shoes off to use her stockinged feet to massage Sophia's. Sophia coyly responds to Jenna's advances, knowing she will have to respond, Jenna will entice a response by laying her legs over Sophia's, and without hesitation Sophia begins to rub Jenna's legs. The game has started, now Jenna takes Sophia's foot into her hands, removing her high heel before sensually massaging that foot and leg, in her beautiful nylon stockings. Jenna pays the same attention to the other foot after it has been revealed from out of its shoe Jenna massages Sophia's feet and studies them carefully, every curve, each toe, her painted toe nails. Then Jenna stands Sophia up and removes her skirt, revealing a matching lingerie set and garters holding up her nylons. The two run their hands up and down Sophia's curves bringing this experience to its next erotic level. Sophia's basque comes off and her extroardinary breasts revealed. Jenna sniffs and worships Sophia's stockinged feet, kissing them softly then nibbling ... she wants Sophia's bare feet ...and she will have them Jenna removes Sophia's stockings one at a time, peeling them from her feet and sniffing them one by one ... To see how this story ends Join MyDollParts.com March 12 or wait for part 2 to be released April 1