Miss Kelle Martina

Edging Experiment 7

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Posted: 08/16/2018
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Category: Orgasm Denial
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Handjobs , Tease & Denial , Bondage , Female Domination

Experiment 7 is all tied up with nowhere to go. I’ve been edging him for quite a while now and his cock looks awfully red and swollen. Every time he thinks he’s going to cum I walk away and leave him here all tied up. Hours later I’ll come back and do it all over again. I find it fascinating to watch him turn from angry to docile and sweet – willing to do anything I want. It’s amazing how well you can train a man that way.

I stroke his cock with my slippery hands. I can feel the blood rushing through it. Pumping hard. I just love that. He’s wondering if today’s the day I’ll finally let him cum. Honestly, I don’t know. When I start teasing a boy I never really know if I’ll let him cum or not. I don’t decide until right when he’s about to cum. Not quite the point of no return, though. Then he wouldn’t be able to help himself.

I grab his balls and squeeze. I bring my face close to his throbbing cock and lick my lips to tease him even more. It’s so easy. I keep jerking it then stopping suddenly. If I do this for long enough he’ll reach a point where he physically cannot cum. It’s really awful when that happens. You’re hard as a rock and just can’t orgasm. It must be so frustrating.

I bring my face close to his cock again. So close that my tongue is almost touching it. I know how badly he wants me to suck his cock. But I never will. Luckily he’s happy to be my toy and enjoys suffering for me. I spit on my hand and let him feel my warm saliva sliding over his cock. It makes him think of my mouth again.

I bring my foot up level with his cock and deliver a few swift kick to his balls with my shiny, black heels. That seems to make his cock even harder. Interesting… I’m slowly turning him into a pervert. Maybe I should leave him alone to think about that…

Do you know what an abandoned orgasm is? It’s almost like a ruined orgasm but meaner. It’s stopping completely right before you’re about to cum. Sometimes it dribbles out hopelessly but sometimes you don’t get to cum at all and just stay in a perpetual state of denial. Aching and without release.

He’d really like to cum but I have other things to do. He can just stay here and throb for a while. Maybe he should think about all the things he’s done wrong. I slap his cock hard and walk away. It’s much harder than the last time I left him like this.

Aching for a release that he’ll never get.