Mistress Misha Goldy

Edge Game a month long! Day 15 ! Foot Fetish

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Posted: 10/22/2019
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Category: Foot/Shoe Fetish
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Foot Worship , Masturbation Instruction , Femdom POV , Orgasm Denial , Orgasm Control

Lets play a game! Or accept the challenge ! The rules :

I will take a total controll of you , your orgasms and your cock - for a 1 months! 

Everyday i will spend on you just 5 minutes ( so its not so hard to win for you - just 5 min a day! )

Like you allready understood we playing in EDGE game!

I - am the Boss! Boss of your cock! I will set the rhythm, speed , pose - everything about how you must  wank your cock! 

I will add different fetishes everyday! 

Every 5th Day - you will get a little gyft for obedience!

You must buy videos and watch them every day! 

Do not miss clips! 

Be a good slave - and follow all instructions clearly! 

Dont lie! 

You must not to cum before last day! You must try (hold your orgasm ) untill i will give you a permission to cum! (on 30th day )

Your cock for this months is mine! So Dont wank it without Me! 

If you will cum before you get the permission - you lost and you must tribute me 300$

If you will Cum in last day of our game/ challenge/ months of slave training - you are winner , and you got the most biggets orgasm, got a great experiense , dont lost 300$, and be owned and trained by a Very sexy and creative Domme!


Dont buy video - if you are not ready to play! 

If you allready bought - dont stop the training! Be strong to reach the end!

Trust Me - for Me is most important all this project like a experiment, so i will not tease you soooo much that you cum so fast and easy! No! Its a training! It is an edge play! I am not your sugar babby to please you , i am The Domme! So all will be clear ! 300$ - its first of all a motivation for you to hold yourself! And just after my prize! 

So if you agreed to rules - lets start! Buy the first video and edge yourself! Be in my controll! Be teased and deniad! Edge Game a month long will also contain : spit fetish, role plays, foot domination, CBT, cuckold , verbal humiliation, lip worship, ass worship, pantyhose and a lot of nasty fetishes!

Good luck! 

Today Is a gift day! I will show you My sexy feet! You have a permisson to wank all over them - but not to cum!