Lady Dee

Eat Your Ruined Orgasm

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Posted: 05/03/2017
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Category: Cum Eating Instruction
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Masturbation Instruction , Cock Tease , Ruined Orgasms , Orgasm Control , Female Domination

Wrap your hand around that pathetic dick of yours and start jerking it for me. That's it you little bitch, get it really hard and build up a big load. I know how much you love jerking off to me. You love when I control that dick. You're just a weak little bitch needing control. You love it when I humiliate you. The way I control that dick and humiliate you in the process. Pumping that dick while looking at me, you'll do anything for my amusement. That is why today you are going to eat it, just for my entertainment. And not only are you going to eat your nasty load, you're gonna ruin it for me too!

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