Kelle Martina

Eat the Evidence

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Posted: 09/30/2018
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Category: Cum Eating Instruction
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Taboo , Masturbation Instruction , Humiliation , Femdom POV

I’m your big sis and I catch you jerking off in the bathroom. I confront you about it later and threaten to tell our parents if you don’t do what I say. What I want you to do is pull down your pants, right now, as I take off my uniform and get ready to take a shower. You can’t help but get a boner when you see your big sis in her panties with her big boobs uncovered. You’re going to have to eat up all your cum while she watches you masturbate and lick up every drop from your hand while she laughs at you. If you don’t do it she’ll tell on you, so you have to do what she says.

Bratty older sis makes you eat it.