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Posted: 03/31/2017
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Body Functions , Shrinking , Burping , Giantess , Belly

I'm just sitting playing on my iPad, minding my own business when I hear it... the tiny voice calling to me from in front of my camera. I don't know where the tiny little man has come from and I've never seen anything like it! Where did he come from? How did he shrink?! I ask him those questions but he doesn't even know himself. 

It doesn't take long before he hears my tummy rumbling and asks me to eat him. I'm shocked and horrified - I've never eaten anyone before! I'm not into vore and he's way too small. My belly is so big and I'm so hungry there's no way that someone so tiny is going to satisfy me. But as time goes by his pleading begins to break me down and I can't help thinking that it would feel so good to gulp him down and feel him swimming in my belly.

I beg him to be good, not to hurt me and to digest easily before bringing him close to my face. He's just so small, I can't believe it! I let him listen to my big belly gurgling for a few moments, knowing that's where he's soon going to be before popping him onto my tongue and - finally  swallowng him down with a mouthful of coke.

He scrambles and he fights all the way down from my throat to my stomach. he kics and he hits me, behaving badly in my belly. I'm so angry! He promised he would be good! I burp uncomfortably as he gives me indigestion and decide to teach him a lesson so I gulp down a whole can of coke as fast as possible to drown him and belch loudly and often. I even let you listen to my belly noises for a little while. They're fairly quiet with some gentle bubbling and my stomach soon calms down from its unexpected treat.

I feel a little guilty for eating him... but what else could a hungry Goddess do?!