Ceara Lynch

Dungeon Feeding

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Posted: 06/06/2018
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Category: Toilet S1avery

You haven’t eaten in days. Trapped in my dark dungeon for the rest of your life, all you can do is moan and starve until I’m ready to feed you. It’s been a long time since dining on your favorite cuisine… MY SH!T!!! Your only job in this world is to sit in my dungeon and wait until I’m ready to feed you a hot steamy crap right from my smelly asshole. Your mouth is my toilet, that throat is nothing but a sewer pipe for my excrements. I’ll make you beg me for my p!ss to unclog that gunk in your throat. I’ve even made sure to change my diet especially for you to make certain my waste is extra foul, a savory stinky flavorful feast from pussy and anus. The only thing you have ever craved was my sh!t, so I promise to fill your stomach full of sh!t until it bursts. Slaves like you can’t survive on sh!t for very long. Soon the toxic waste slowly kills you from the inside and I’ll move on to a new toilet slave.

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