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Drizzly Bear: Honey Dipped T & D from the Contessa

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Clip length: 00:07:19
Posted: 07/28/2017
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Category: Female Domination
Secondary categories:
Wet , Costumes

I take a moment in an adorable bear costume.. a sexy pin-up tease with pasties and lace bra and panties. A dialogueless, soundless tease with honey drizzling in small amounts.

 I drizzle it on my boot and invite you to lick it, run my hands along my honey body and invite you to lick my fingers, drizzle honey along the sides and tops of my strong thighs and along an ass cheek. You are only invited to lick from my boot and fingers to taste the honey that now tastes of me.

 Of course I masturbated furiously after shooting this series.

Contessa Zoe