Kelle Martina

Dress Code Violation

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Posted: 01/20/2019
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Role Play , School Girl , Tit Worship , Tease & Denial , Femdom POV

What is it you wanted to talk to me about, Professor? You have written me up five times this year for dress code violations. I am allowed to wear tank tops, so what is the big problem? How do you know I’m not wearing a bra? You must be looking very closely to know what kind of underwear I am wearing! The dress code does not stipulate what type of underwear a student should wear, so this is your problem. As my Biology professor you should definitely be aware that all mammals have breasts, mine just happen to be bigger than yours. See, look at them! You can’t help yourself, you can’t look away! Maybe it’s something about your mammalian behavior that makes it so you are biologically wired to be attracted to them. But that’s not really my problem; I am not going to change my body just to make you feel more comfortable at your job. So, you’re going to give me a passing grade and we’ll forget this ever happened, got it?!