Kayla Jane Danger

Dreamy Foot Worship - EARLY RELEASE

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Clip length: 00:14:23
Posted: 01/17/2018
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Category: Foot Worship
Secondary categories:
Sleeping - Knockouts , Toes , Lesbian , Goddess Worship , Foot/Shoe Fetish

Kayla is taking a nap by the fire and Jenna takes the opportunity to creep on her best friend. Jenna nuzzles Kayla's high arched feet in fuzzy socks before she carefully removes the fluffy footwear to reveal those meaty soft soles. Jenna worships Kayla's beautiful feet, licking her high arches, nibbling her heels and sucking on those lollipop toes! When Kayla wakes up she comes to slowly trying to figure out if she is still dreaming or if her bestie is really devouring her feet. This is a truly beautiful and sexy foot worship scene on the best feet in the world- Kayla Jane Danger's Feet!