Double Intoxication

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Posted: 05/13/2017
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Category: Humiliation

As if my beauty doesn't drink you enough, but for a little extra humiliation for you & more amusement for me let's throw a little Ach.0hol into the mix. I love it when you just get so totally out of it & make an even bigger fool of yourself - I didn't think that was actually possible but a few shots of vodka & the real loser comes out. Your inhibitions fade & you become totally at one with yourself, your true loser self comes out, the real loser in you shines through making an utter fool of yourself. Recklessly handing over that ca$h, maxing out every form of credit available to you just to try & impress me & doing anything I demand including carrying out totally shameful, embarrassing & degrading orders I make of you. This is who you really are. A total idiot! Wanking with one hand & credit card in the other. You've completely accepted your loserness & fallen into complete piggy mode. Naturally I take complete advantage of you in your even weaker, vulnerable state & enjoy screwing you over. You deserve it for being an absolute fuckwit of a moron. You'll wake up tomorrow not knowing what the fuck you've done, how much money you've spent, feeling like shit & very poor when you finally check your bank account. Cheers!