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Double Interrogation of Panty Thief with Miss Xi and Queen Aspasia

Price: $9.99
Clip length: 00:09:43
Posted: 10/27/2018
File size: 850.87 MB
Category: Femdom POV
Secondary categories:
Blackmail Fantasy , Breath Play , Latex , Humiliation , Embarrassment

You’ve been captured and wake up in a chair, woozy and unaware of how you got there. Two gorgeous women start to spin a tale that makes your hair stand up on end, you’ve been caught perving on panties that you don’t deserve, stealing lingerie. Does it make you hot to know you’ve been caught, that the women whose panties you stole want justice.. that we just might have to involve your girlfriend, or your ***? Be thankful that you weren’t awake to see what we have done and will do to you out of punishment. Feel real sweat and arousal mix together as we threaten and expose your filthy habits!!

 Information is thrown at you piece by piece, your phone goes off, we rifle through your wallet, making you nervous in this secluded basement where no one will find you, let’s see what info you cough up to us to try to save yourself hahaha. What will your punishments be? Social? Financial? Sadistic experiments? We’re recording you squirming, your arousal at being caught, at hearing that we know all about your panty thievery from the women that we know who have trusted us to set you “straight” in all the scariest and thrilling ways we know, including:

 - Locker room panty thievery

- GF/ m****r blackmail with your dirty story

- The panty cravings you can’t control

- Messing with your GF on the phone

- Ass T + D

- Recording your suffering

- Sadism and sarcasm

What do you think your GF said to us on the phone?  What would your *** say if she knew about your perversions? We might have to find out. You’re CAUGHT, and once we tell you some of what we know, we put you down for a nap with a little breathplay that will become sweaty and terrifying as the amount of oxygen becomes less and less and…. what will happen next? Hahaha. You’re at our mercy bitch.