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Double Domination: Ballbusting and Scissorslave Audition

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Clip length: 00:14:10
Posted: 11/02/2018
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Category: Double Domination
Secondary categories:
Ball Busting , Scissorhold , Legs , CBT , Female Domination

Lady Shayne and Aspasia play so well together:

We love to share slaves and submissives with each other and encourage each ohter to be more cruel and exhaust our new recruits. This is an actual tryout for new video slaves for us, with focus on CBT BALLBUSTING and SCISSORHOLDS!! Watch us push each other to be more cruel in the weirdest, cutest, sarcastic ways hahaha!

We quickly WARM UP and BREAK IN this new recruit for ballbusting / breathplay / scissorhold filming in this video, with:

  • Cock slapping + stomping
  • Ball Kneeing + Ballbusting
  • Scissorhold + Reverse Scissorhold
  • Boots + Stockings
  • Cock Scissoring
  • Double Scissors (2 heads)
  • Laughter, sarcasm, encouraging humiliation + silliness
  • Cock + ball drumming
  • Femdom humiliation¬†
  • Nipple Tweaking
  • Cruel merciless teasing

There is no doubt that we are so enjoying ourselves (maybe too much), enjoying being cruel, confusing, maybe a little arousing, laughing at their pain, discomfort and breathlessness. We LOVE MAKING THEM SQUIRM and are getting what we want. Jealous? Think you could handle it?

Lady Shayne + Queen Aspasia