Kylie Jacobs

Double Crossed Legs Obsession

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Posted: 09/23/2017
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Category: Legs
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Goddess Worship , Financial Domination , Foot/Shoe Fetish , Female Domination

I've heard you have a thing for my legs. My nice long, smooth legs. You just can't get enough of them. You buy every single video that I make with my legs in them. You don't care if it makes you broke! haha! You don't care if they are super expensive. You will buy them anyways.... until your bank account is drained.. until your credit cards are maxed out.<br><br>

You LOVE my legs double crossed. It drives you wild. It makes your pants so tight... your cock so fu#kng hard! You can't control yourself. You're addicted. You worship my legs. My long, soft legs. You're such a loser! haha!