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Dom Mal and Mistress Kiara Abuse doughboy and fuck his wallet

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Clip length: 00:14:26
Posted: 10/11/2017
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Category: Beatdown
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SPH , Double Domination , Sub Training , Financial Domination

In another exciting encounter with 'doughboy,' Kiara and Mal have just moved into their new home, purchased with the savings they've drained from losers while working as findoms. Unfortunately, they immediately begin having problems with their middle-aged next door neighbor, doughboy, who calls the authorities to file a noise complaint every time the dommes have their friends over for a party.

Things go from bad to worse, and one day when Dom Mal is out walking their Great Dane in the backyard, and sees doughboy staring at them from his kitchen window, stroking his tiny penis, and ejaculating into the kitchen sink, the dommes decide it's time to punish the creep, and teach him a lesson he will never forget. Intending to inflame doughboy's lust as well as his rage, and thereby provoke a confrontation, Domina Kiara puts on a sexy new outfit and takes the dog out for a walk .... on doughboy's property!

When doughboy sees the gigantic animal take a massive dump in his yard, he's filled with hatred for his new neighbors, and when he sees Dom Mal leave the house to go run some errands, and he is certain that Kiara is home alone, he goes next door to confront her.

Kiara is pleasant and charming as she welcomes doughboy into her home. She offers him a cup of tea, and tells him she's sorry that the two of them have gotten off on the wrong foot, and hopes that they can resolve their differences. doughboy is in a far less conciliatory mood, and he orders Kiara to immediately go out into the yard and clean up the crap. Kiara laughs at this absurd demand. It's just what doggies do, she reasons. What's the big deal? If it bothers doughboy so much, he can go and clean it up himself.

Doughboy is incensed by Kiara's flippant display of disrespect for her elders. He unleashes a tirade of personal insults, threatening her with physical bodily harm, and telling her that she is about to get everything that's coming to her. Kiara just laughs and puts an end to doughboy's threats with a well-deserved kick to the balls. She then punches, slaps, and kicks doughboy until he is k*********t.

Just then, Dom Mal returns home to find Kiara shoving her stiletto heels down doughboy's throat. She invites Dom Mal to stick their toes into doughboy's mouth as well, and the two dommes take turns humiliating their neighbor. Now it's Mal's turn to put on the boxing gloves and administer a beat down to the man who had so obscenely gotten off to Them without Their permission.

When he has again been k*********t cold, the dommes lather up a large soap dildo and fuck his face with it, washing his mouth out. To further humiliate him, they feed him dog food, and then bring him to his ultimate disgrace by making him wear a leather dog hood. Finally, they fuck his nice, thick wallet, and celebrate their victory by counting their money while talking about their plans for the future .... plans that include having doughboy live in their dog's old house, and taking possession of his house. The dommes have friends, after all, and they all deserve a nice place to live...