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Doing More For Lady Nina Leigh Part 2 - HD

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Posted: 03/14/2019
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Category: Bikini
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Humiliation , Goddess Worship , Financial Domination , Femdom POV , Ass

Lady Nina Leigh has been in the domme scene for a while now, She knows how utterly addicted and weak she makes you all... She knows all you weak submissive men just can't help it, your powerless to resist her charms. You know those AMAZING TITS, that TIGHT FIRM ASS, those SEXY TONED THIGHS, and even her eyes and lips have the ability to make you dribble and slobber like a d.o.g... She is to for!

Looking up at her..., your Lady..., Lady Nina Leigh... You know you will do absolutely everything she wants... All just so you can get another fix of her perfection, her seductive scent.

Lady Nina Leigh will tease you with her beauty, brainwashing you into giving her your logins, banking details and even your wife and bosses numbers. She will torment you to breaking point, frustrating you and giving her satisfaction knowing she controls not only you but your sexual releases too...

Good Boy! You gave your one true Goddess Miss Lady Nina Leigh all the info she needs. Now you didn't think she would just do this sexy little strip for you for free did you? Beauty and Brains like Nina's costs money... its time to pay. You will pay to keep your mistress happy, you will happy because she tells you too but, most of all you will pay because your so completely in love with your mistress that what she says goes... Welcome to money slavery WORM!