Doing It Right

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Posted: 03/02/2018
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Doing It Right

STARRING: Violet Monroe

Sexy Red Head, Violet Monroe, feels confident in all her sexual skills except for giving handjobs. “There’s nothing to a handie.” D***y tells her, “But, like with all things, practice makes perfect.” She asks her experienced D***y MaX to give her some pointers and proves herself to be an eager and attentive pupil. He guides her through the important variations and subtleties that can turn one’s tug job from an uninspired fumbling with the pink joy stick into a handy-gram that’ll make someone see stars.

Guiding her through all the fine points of the procedure, from the initial dick extraction (watch the zipper!) to pertinent anatomy (don’t forget to cradle the balls!) to whether it’s still a handjob if it goes in her mouth (Who cares, just suck on my damn dick!), she passes every lesson with flying colors. After this crash course in happy endings, she’ll be known as Tuggy Ruxpin, as folks come from miles around to beg D***y's little slut to churn their butter.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Red-Head, Handjob, Blowjob, Ball Play, Drool, Spit, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views.

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