Do My Bidding

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Posted: 08/05/2017
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Do My Bidding

STARRING: Mary Jane and Viva

Stargirl is enjoying a peaceful rest in bed, completely unaware of the malicious presence of Hypo-Girl in her bedroom. Her slender figure looms over the unsuspecting Stargirl as she rolls over. When she opens her eyes and sees her there, there isn’t much Stargirl can do before Hypo-Girl has complete control. Under her spell, Stargirl is humiliated by sexy H***o-girl and f****d to jump on the bed, crawl across it exposing her sexy ass, and bark like a dog. Convinced all the power is hers, H***o-girl commands Stargirl to come to her as she pulls her uniform from her chest. She barks the order to suck and Stargirl obliges, wrapping her entranced lips around her nipple. H***o-girl lifts Stargirl’s top and does the same back, taking care to suck each breast, testing the capabilities of her powers. She tells Stargirl to lie on the bed and pleasure herself. Her slender fingers work their way down to her pussy, rubbing first through her panties and then pushing them aside to rub her moist clit and finger her tight hole. Stargirl’s body involuntarily wiggles and writhes against her fingers in u*******g pleasure as H***o-girl watches, touching herself. Pulling out a bright pink dildo, H***o-girl commands her to slide it inside her. Stargirl wets the cock in her mouth sucking it to get it nice and lubed up and pushes it deep inside her cunt. Hypo-girl watches in amazement at the power she has over her and it fills her with such pleasure as she continues to rub herself. Pulling out a violet wand, H***o-girl commands Stargirl to use the shocking device on her pussy, wanting to see if she will cum under her spell even in great pain. Stargirl moves the wand down to her clit and her body jumps at the first few shocks. The extra conduciveness of her pussy being wet sends shocks throughout her fuck hole as her gets more and more comfortable with the device and begins fucking herself with it, moaning through the pleasure pains until she cums. Now Hypo-Girl has Stargirl right where she wants her, under her full control and ultimate power.

Fetish Elements: Graphic Sexual Content, Superheroine, Cosplay, Mind Control, Disheveled, Fondling, Fingering, Dildo, Violet Wand, Female Masturbation, Boots, Costume, Body Views, Foot Views..

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