Janey Jones

Dirty M0mmy, Virgin S0n

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Posted: 06/03/2017
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Role Play , Yoga Pants , Taboo , Foot/Shoe Fetish

You’re in the bath to help you feel better while M***y has been working out at the gym doing squats, yoga and barre exercises. M***y comes home to soothe you with sweet talk and close kisses, dripping warm water from the bathtub on your exposed chest. But M***y knows the only thing that will really make you feel better--smelling Mommy’s sweaty gym clothes! She takes off her stinky sports bra and abused Nike Air Max and takes turns smelling them with you while she sits on the edge of the tub--M***y loves the smell of her workout clothes just as much as you do! You begin to look tired, smelling Mommy’s sweaty workout clothes, so M***y tucks you into her bed (D***y can s***p on the couch tonight so it’s just the two of you!). She takes off her t-shirt and spandex yoga pants, giving you a peek of her pretty M***y breasts and luscious M***y ass. M***y leaves her dirty clothes with you in bed while she goes and takes a shower, and returns wrapped in a towel as fresh as a daisy. M***y crawls into bed with you and shows off all of her dirty workout clothes to you again, but now you want to smell Mommy’s fresh skin and clean towels, too! So M***y slowly unwraps her towel for you, revealing her beautiful, toned, clean M***y body--warm soft breasts, strong hips, a round ass, and a clean shaved pussy. Now you are feeling much better from before...much MUCH better! While you still hold onto all of Mommy’s wet clothes and towels, M***y turns around and shows you her clean asshole and clean pussy, then sits on your face so you can smell everything as close as you can. M***y sees your cock has grown so big and so hard, and that you are so healthy from smelling all of Mommy’s workout clothes, that she can’t help but want to take your virginity! crawl on top of you and slide her fresh creamy M***y pussy down on your hard healthy cock! While you continue smelling all of the sweaty workout clothes and sneakers, M***y fucks you and rides you as hard as she worked out at the gym! M***y likes to see you smelling all of her smells, and her breasts bounce and she talks dirty to you until you fill her up with your virgin cum and she creams all over your dick and you both collapse next to each other to cuddle in a wet sweaty mess for the rest of the night. M***y loves you so much, baby!

Includes: Janey Jones, age regression, face sitting, virgin, virginity, pov sex, breast bouncing, smell fetish, sneakers fetish, yoga pants fetish, sports bra fetish, side boob.

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