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D****r boy's blind date gone wrong

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Posted: 11/12/2014
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Small Penis Humiliation

So I normally don’t go for these blind date things, but My friends swore that you were totally cool. Look at you, you’re not even dressed up for the neon party we’re going to! Why not?! Go change into something more appropriate! Wait, what is that noise? It kinda sounds like plastic.. or maybe even.. wait.. a d****r?! Woah! you’re wearing a d****r!?!? HAHA!! Aww, you’re ashamed? It’s okay, don’t be ashamed, it’s actually kinda cool that you won’t even have to wait in line to use the bathroom all night because you can just go in your pants! HAHA! Yeah right, how pathetic!! look at you, a grown man in a d****r!!! Actually, I’m wiling to bet you have a tiny little baby dinky too, don’t you?! Awww, there’s no reason to be ashamed little baby boy, go ahead and pull down that diapey and show Me your tiny little pee-pee! This all makes perfect sense! Haahaha, there’s no way I can take you to the neon party, I would be totally humiliated! Maybe, I should set you up with this frumpy annoying girl who is totally obsessed with Me so you can go out that blind date tonight?! Yes, you can go on a date tonight, little d****r boy, but I have a couple conditions for you. I know you won’t have any problems following along… it’s going to be a fun night for the tiny little d****r boy and his tiny little dinky!

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