Ceara Lynch

De@th and Taxe$

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Posted: 02/25/2019
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Category: Financial Domination

There are two guarantees in life: taxes and DEHTH! You will work everyday of your life, earning all that money then having to spend it all on taxes. It isn’t the government that is taking your money. That money belongs to be. I’m that luxury tax that gives your life meaning. Slaving away, day and night all to pay the girl that is most important in your world. This is your destiny, to spend your life making money to afford my attention. One day, you will be withered and old from all those days earning money for me and I’ll have to move on to a younger financial slave. That’s why I have to get the most out of my slaves before they are too old to work. By the time I’ve drained you of your money and life f***e, you’ll for once be happy knowing all your hard work paid off.