Kelle Martina

Desperate D****r

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Clip length: 00:10:59
Posted: 09/26/2018
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Category: ABDL
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D1aper , Age Regression , Adult Baby , Wetting , Femdom POV

For this clip you will need two fresh diapers and a big gallon of water. I plan on fully humiliating you. I’m going to quickly go over the rules on what I need you to do to be diapered and made to drink every drop of that gallon, timed, by the way, by me so you’d better do exactly as I say. While you’re chugging that water, I’ll be telling you about some of my favorite d****r humiliation scenes that I’ve actually done to poor little d****r bitches like you. I absolutely love humiliating grown men in this way, it really takes them back to a simpler time and it’s oh so humiliating.

D****r humiliation at its finest.