Lyne Financial Dominatrix

Designer Denim Goddess

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Posted: 07/30/2017
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Category: Jeans
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JOI , Financial Domination , Ass Worship

*Custom Clip* Description: "I bought you a pair of Rag&Bone skinny jeans recently. Was wondering if you'd do another jeans fetish video - potentially a part 4 of the ass addict series videos - that'd be awesome!

I'd love to start out with you showing off and trying on a few of your favorite pairs of designer jeans, talk about why you love them, designer denim/clothing in general, why you're the ultimate online jeans goddess, etc. I'd also love it if you would end this section with your light wash 7's from your other ass addict videos. They're incredible.

Then you bring in the Rag&Bone jeans I got you, talk about them a bit if you like the brand, if you like these specific ones, if you don't, etc. Then take off the 7's and pull the Rag&Bones on. From here you'd just go into teasing, showing off the front and back, tugging on them, fingers in pockets, etc. This could be accompanied by dialog about how good you look in jeans, how they drive your addicts crazy, etc. PQppers breaks with commands to stare at your jeans, stare at your face, would be great a few times in there too.

At the end, I love hearing cute voice dialog from you asking if I'm going to cum? Sexy faces, sexy poses, tongue out, it's all really great and you absolutely kill it! A solid cum countdown would be a great way to end the vid as well!"