Mistress Sophia Sylvan

Desecrating Your M****r's Body with Botan 6

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Clip length: 00:10:29
Posted: 12/04/2018
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Category: Taboo
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Role Play , MILF , Costumes , Animation , Squirting

Crazed Botan continues to torment you while you are dressed in your no longer living m****r's body. She makes you perversely make out with her maggot-ridden mouth, the same mouth you had your big sissy dick in just minutes ago. Threats of desecrating her cold, mouldering body keep you obeying, but truly you are enjoying it, as you've always loved your m****r...in ways that were sometimes inappropriate. You missed her warm embraces while she was in the ground, and you never thought you would be in your m****r's cold embrace, your dick in her mouth, dressed up in her clothing, while this sexy anime character come to life masturbates, pantyhose torn at the crotch, sexy high heels on, egging you on to the most taboo of human acts. Botan teases you that she exterminated your m****r, but is she messing with you? She has a fetish for bodies that aren't living, and does she ever, as she rubs her pussy until she squirts all over your m****r's lifeless face and your cock. Now that you have broken nearly every possible taboo, you are under Botan's spell, her slave and her creature, doing her forbidden bidding forever...or until you are caught. Botan knows you love it, and that you're craving to fuck her too, constantly hard for insane, depraved Botan, constantly cumming in your m****r's cold holes. Botan promises to put her in the freezer and save her body for you as long as possible. You're going to have so much fun!