Lady Dee

Denim Queen

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Posted: 10/20/2018
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Category: Jeans
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Masturbation Instruction , Goddess Worship , Femdom POV , Ass Worship

I am the Denim Queen and you are my loyal denim worshipers. My horny addicted jean addicts, so excited to jerk off to all my sexy denim, especially expensive designer jeans that constantly get purchased for the Queen. The Queen only deserves the best, and you horny jerk addicts are going to continue to fund my denim. You're a denim addict and I love denim too! I love using my denim to control you, you love jerking off to me in denim... jerk for me my horny boys, jerk for the Denim Queen!

Clip Contains: jeans fetish, denim worship, designer denim, denim fetish, jeans, ass worship, goddess worship, addiction, joi, masturbation encouragement, cum countdown, femdom pov