Goddess Alexandra Snow

Denied Before My Date

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Posted: 05/24/2017
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Category: Cuckolding
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Ball Busting , Tease & Denial

Look at me. I'm all dressed up ready to go on a hot date with my newest stud. Oh that's not you, of course. You are going to be here at home wishing you could be graced with my presence like he will be. I wouldn't be caught in public with you ever. Why would I? I hate you. I hate you and your cock that constantly needs jerking. Honestly, I'm sick of how much you need to masturbate to get yourself by in the day. I don't really want you to masturbate at all really. I think we're just going to have to make it too painful to jerk off. C'mon now, punch yourself in the balls. Wait, no I'll do it instead. If you're not man enough to go out with me in public then you're certainly not man enough to be able to use your cock to jerk.

What a pathetic little cuck boy.