Lady Dee

Degrading The Flip Flop Bitch

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Clip length: 00:08:24
Posted: 05/15/2016
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Category: Foot/Shoe Fetish
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Foot Humiliation , Foot Domination , Dirty Feet/Shoes , Femdom POV , Cum Eating Instruction

Flippity-flop, flippity-flop... do you hear that sound, foot bitch? It's like music to your ears... it's the sound of summer! You get so turned on when you see flip flops - dangling and flipping close to your face. I know how badly you want to lick and taste them too! I want you down on your knees as you look up at my flip flops - flipping in your pathetic face. Jerking it to my feet, watching as I dangle each of my flip flops right in your bitch face... teasing and humiliating you about your addiction to feet. Do you want to cum to my feet? Of course you do! Get on your back! That's right! You want to cum to my feet... you're gonna cum how I say!

Clip Contains: foot fetish, flip flops, foot worship, shoe fetish, dangling, dirty shoes, masturbation humiliation, joi, dirty feet, soles, long toes, barefoot, foot humiliation, cei, femdom pov, foot domination