Janey Jones

Deep & Wide

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Posted: 01/18/2018
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Category: Masturbation Instruction
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BellyButton , Bikini

CUSTOM CLIP, ORIGINAL SCRIPT: Dress in a bikini. Standing. Talk about how much you enjoy having your belly and belly button played with. Say it’s your favorite foreplay. Talk about how much it turns you on and how you like to have your belly button licked and fingered during sex. Rub your hands up and down your belly. Flex your abs. Finger your belly button but slowly and gently. Talk about the sensation inside you when your finger is in your belly button. Talk about how big and shallow your belly button is. Talk about how you can see the bottom of it and all the nerve endings in there. Talk about how good it feels when those nerve endings are touched. Have some extreme closeups of your belly button with no fingers blocking. Also zoom out so I can see your face while you talk about it and finger it. Tell me to take my dick out and stroke it to your belly. Ask me if I want to fill your belly button with my cum. Say how much you love when I cum in your belly button.