Lucky Fetish

Daphney Uses Her Shrinking Device On You

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Clip length: 00:07:00
Posted: 11/18/2017
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Category: Shrinking
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Giants , POV , Panty Fetish

Daphney has a new device she has decided to try out on you. It's a remote control that makes your entire body shrink when she hits the button.So when you come over for a visit, before you know it Daphney has shrunk you down to only about 2 inches tall. After teasing and taunting you about how small you are Daphney decides she is done with you and has to decided how to put you out of your misery. She contemplates eating you but you'll probably taste bad. She thinks about sitting on you but doesn't want your guts on her ass. Finally she decides to simply crush you with her shoe!

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