Lucky Fetish

Daphney Stuffs Tiny Men In Her Panties And Squishes Them With Wedgies

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Clip length: 00:05:05
Posted: 03/06/2018
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Category: Giantess
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Shrinking , Camel Toe , Panty Fetish , Amazons

Daphney's tiny pet man has invited over a bunch of other tiny people without getting Daphney's approval first and she's pissed about it. This is the last straw and she decides to show them all what happens when you piss of a giant goddess like herself. One by one she puts these little people out of their misery by stuffing them in her panties and giving herself hard wedgies which squish their tiny bodies. One of the little men tries to fight back by biting her but she takes him out of her panties and shows him what her giant teeth can do to his helpless little body. All the little men finally meet their end except for one who has gotten away somehow(the camera POV). She sees you before you can get away though and crushes you with her beautiful bare foot!