Lucky Fetish

Daphney Shrinks You So She Can Keep You Forever

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Clip length: 00:06:51
Posted: 06/18/2018
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Category: Shrinking
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Giants , Panty Fetish , Giantess , Ass Worship , Amazons

Daphney and you are just home from a date when Daphney disappears into the bedroom and comes out just wearing panties. She tells you she had a wonderful time but there's one big problem... you're too tall. Daphney's clever though so she gives you a shrinking potion to drink and before you know it you're only a few inches tall. She explains how you need to be careful around her so you don't accidentally get crushed or suffocated by her in bed. After that she lays down for a nap and lets you climb around on her to find a place to nap yourself. Of course that is right in between her legs so you get a beautiful view of her ass.