Lucky Fetish

Daphney and Kymberly Shrink A Man And Tease Him Before Stomping On Him(POV)

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Posted: 01/18/2019
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Category: Shrinking
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Amazon , Upskirt , Giantess , Amazons

Kym and Daphney are having a cigarette outside when you walk up and interrupt their conversation. It just so happens that Daphney and Kym were discussing finding a man to play with. After quizzing you about possible f****y ties and such they decide that you'd be the perfect victim and use their magic powers to shrink you down to 6 inches tall. You run off into the grass to try to get away but they easily catch you because you're so tiny. After playing with you and tormenting you for a while the girls get down to business and do what they were planning all along. They crush you under their high heels! The only good thing about this whole thing for you was that you got some really sweet views up their skirts and neither one of these girls likes to wear panties!